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Focus Newsletter

The Focus newsletter is a colorful, easy-to-read newsletter highlighting interesting tips, discounts, and more regarding your Personal Auto or Homeowner's policies. Current issues are sent with every Personal Auto or Homeowner policy and renewal. If you missed your recent Focus issue or want to view past issues, just click the issue number below to open the PDF.

Focus - Personal Auto Edition



Spring/Summer 2017 - Tips for Renting a Vehicle; What Should I Do If My Windshield Gets Chipped?; How Can I Find a Safe Booster Seat For My Child?; Penalty-Free Promise

5.1 - Insurance & car color; Vehicle ownership; Seat belt facts; Defensive driving credit; Car seat coverage

4.2 - Top 5 benefits of a Western National auto policy; What is distracted driving?; Preparing a vehicle emergency kit; Avoiding collisions with wildlife

4.1 - Child booster seats increase in safety; Simple ways to keep from driving drowsy; How to avoid buying a flood-damaged car

2.1 - Distracted driving; Top five dangerous cars for teens; Tired tires

1.1 - Recognizing a staged accident; 2010 top stolen cars; Winter driving tips


Focus - Homeowner Edition



5.1 - What is a Personal Umbrella policy?; Life changes & insurance; Ladder tips; Testing for radon; DIY home improvement & insurance; Keeping a home inventory

3.1 - Protect your home from water damage; Scheduled items; Garage door openers & home safety; Laundry room fires

2.1 - Safely heat your home with a wood stove or fireplace; 3 ways to save on your insurance; Keeping a home inventory