Female college student embracing her mother next to a vehicle.

Auto Insurance Discounts for Students

Did you know that being a good student can positively affect your Personal Auto insurance? With the start of the school year approaching, Umialik wants to remind our policyholders that hard work in the classroom can pay off, literally!

Close up of 9-1-1 dialed on a smartphone screen.

Should I Call 9-1-1 to Report a Reckless Distracted Driver?

If you see a reckless or distracted driver on the road, should you call 9-1-1? The short answer is, yes. If you see someone on the road driving recklessly—whether they are texting, inebriated, overly aggressive, or otherwise—you should report it by calling 9-1-1. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when calling.

Protecting Your Bike From Theft

The National Bike Registry estimates that two million bicycles are stolen each year in the U.S. and only a small percentage of them are ever recovered. And the problem has been growing since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as more people have turned to bicycles as their main mode of transportation.

Cellphones and Driving

Cellphones continue to be one of the biggest distractions to today’s drivers. It is not uncommon to see drivers on their phones talking, texting, streaming music, looking up directions, or even “quickly” surfing the web. This type of distracted behavior endangers not only the driver, but also everyone else on the road.

Bonfire Safety

Many people enjoy the warmer months by gathering with friends around a fire or toasting marshmallows with their families. If you’re planning on enjoying a bonfire this summer, keep the following safety tips in mind:

Five Tips for Sharing the Road with Bicyclists

It’s important for bicyclists to ride responsibly, but it’s also vital that motorists drive attentively to keep the roads safe. Here are some tips for sharing the road with bicyclists: