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Umialik Free Safety Video Program

Through Umialik, policyholders are welcome to rent safety videos for free, provided by Aurora Pictures. A wide range of topics are available for several industries. Some videos even address important safety topics for employees outside of the work environment.

You can choose to rent videos as DVDs or in an online streaming format. Choosing a video is simple with the convenient online previews. All of the videos are available immediately, so there's no extra waiting for the video to be in stock. Plus, many of the videos are available in multiple languages to cater to all employees.

Creating an Account

The rental program requires a personal account with our DVD provider, Aurora Pictures. It's easy to create a free account using the one-time registration form linked below. Once the form is submitted, Aurora will send your password to the email provided during registration.

How to Rent a Video

You can begin browsing and renting videos on Aurora Pictures’ website after you create an account. Registered users will log in under "Trainer Login". To search for a video, you can click "Find Videos" and search for videos by category or use the keyword search. Once you find a video you would like to rent, you can click "Add to Watchlist" to stream the video online or "Rent DVD" to rent a physical DVD. For physical DVDs, enter your shipping information and click "Submit".

For more information, please see the help menu on the website.

Renting Policy

An Umialik commercial policyholder may rent up to three videos in any month, and each video has a 28-day rental period. The DVD rental period begins the day the video is received. If the video is not returned before the rental period expires, a $10 late fee will be charged for each week past the rental period. The streaming rental period begins the day after you add the video to your Watchlist and will expire at midnight on the expiration date.

Terms & Conditions

Umialik's rental program is available only to current policyholders. The videos may not be ordered for a party other than the policyholder, and they need to remain in the possession of the registered policyholder. The policyholder will be liable for any DVDs that are lost or damaged.

Buying a Video

The program includes an option for policyholders to purchase videos at a discount. To purchase a video or for more information, please call Art Kliffer at Aurora Pictures, 1-800-346-9487 Ext. 209.


Account & password help & video recommendations or questions

Art Kiffler (Aurora Pictures)

1-800-346-9487 Ext. 209

General video rental program:

Loss Control

(800) 862-6070 Ext. 7892