Special Feature

How Should I Prepare My RV for the Off-Season?

RV parked on rural Alaskan road with lake and mountains in the background

As the summer winds down, it’s about time to prepare your RV for the storage months. If you plan on using your RV during the winter, check your owner’s manual or service advisor on issues and precautions that you will need to know for your specific unit. Here are some tips for storage:

  • Flush all holding tanks and apply RV antifreeze to the system.

  • Check roof, walls, window openings, and vents for damage and failed caulking. Moisture is gravity’s best friend and it will find its way from the highest point to lowest point over time – so start on the roof and end by checking the undercarriage.

  • Secure and lock all windows, curtains, vents, and doors. Stored and unused RVs risk exposure to small animals and vandalism.

  • If your RV is exposed to a lot of sunlight in the winter months, cover the tires and do not store it directly on concrete surfaces. Use platform stands or pieces of lumber as a separation barrier.

  • If your RV will be stored outside and uncovered, consider purchasing a cover designed for your unit or using the famous “blue tarp”. But remember that just because it’s covered doesn’t mean you get to forget about the RV until spring. Make a few random inspections inside and outside of your RV during the winter to make sure things are OK.